Peninsula HomeCourt Challenge Round 3 Results

Another final round of the Peninsula Homecourt Tournament is now completed

The final round saw Frankston Blues and Mornington Breakers tie.

In the Spida Spin Move Challenge between Frankston and Western Port it was the Blues who came away with the win.

For the Blues the scoring was led by Ryland Mclaren again with 25, followed by Jordan Thompson and Allicia Vu with 21

For the Steelers Thomas Horne came away with 16 points.

In the Gordon Catch and Shoot Challenge it was the Mornington Breakers that came out on top of the Southern Penn. For the Breakers, Noah Dagher and Jake Georgiou led the way with 12 points.

While for the Sharks, Thomas Lewis led the way with 10 points


Round 1 Friday 10th April

  • Frankston Blues v. Mornington Breakers (67-67)
  • Southern Peninsula Sharks v. Western Port Steelers (60-50)

Round 2 Friday 17th April

  • Frankston Blues v. Southern Peninsula Sharks (177-48)
  • Mornington Breakers v. Western Port Steelers (50-5)

Round 3 Friday 24th April

  • Frankston Blues v. Western Port Steelers (114-8)
  • Mornington Breakers v. Southern Peninsula Sharks (180-63)

Tie-Breaker Sunday 26th April (REQUIRE. DETAILS TO COME)